Stop buying after bonders adding even more chemicals to your clients lashes! 🔥

Why Every Lash Artist Should Get a Molly Mister ✨

Named after Kellys adorable Romanian street dog called Molly because of the similarity in having cute big ears!

Our Molly Mister can be used to hydrate, restore and reduce wrinkles on the skin.

However, it is also used to keep client's lashes a tad moist before, during and after the treatment of eyelash extensions. When lashes are a tad moist, it helps to cure the glue and the natural lash absorbs the glue more effectively. It can also reduce discomfort and fumes from the glue.

I personally use my molly mister at the end of every set I’ve completed to lock in any remaining fumes left from the glue do my clients eyes aren’t exposed to glue fumes , less stinging , less irritation and better pictures for me!

I will also use my molly mister during a set of my glue isn’t setting as quickly as usual, to mist over lashes as remember! Glue sets with heat & humidity this this must be correct!

No more telling your clients wait 24hrs before lashes can get wet! As they are fully set as they leave!


✨ Remove tank and filter from the unit

✨ Fill tank with distilled water before screwing back onto the mister

✨ Switch on by pressing button on front.

✨ LED light will show the unit is working and mist will be ejected.

✨ Hold approx 30cm away from clients eyes and wave over eyes for even coverage

✨ Empty and refill daily with fresh distilled water (do not leave water in the mister).

✨ Your clients will love our Molly Mister!

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