About Beauty KLC

Why choose us?

Because we are here to save you time, money and stress
⏰ 💰 😤

How? By teaching you to work smarter not harder in your business using our cost effective products, giving you incredible value, which will accomplish great profits!

Having been a lash artist myself the past 11 years I understand that making any fans, especially L curl fans is a difficult and a very time consuming job.

We are confident our products and lashes will improve your income, health and happiness in your business.

We have a team who handcraft all our fans so they would be the same as if you made your own fans if not better, because if like me you can’t make fans constantly perfect.

- 100% hand made fans.
- Super black synthetic mink l
- Super soft with pointy bases for better retention!

As animal lovers ourselves we love providing you with cruelty free lashes and products.

We offer mostly eco - friendly alternatives  🌱  as well as most of our packaging.⁣⁣

We are a UK limited company incorporated since July 19, 2022
Company Name: BEAUTY KLC LTD
Company Number: 14244599