YY & W Lashes

YY & W Lashes

6 products
    6 products

    YY lashes has been our go-to when we want to create the most natural yet a little fluffy look!

    Applied in the same way as a classic lash where it's one on one ratio, these YY lashes are shaped like Y once you pull it off the strip!almost like a pre-made fan. Applied in the same way as classics, yet create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect similar to volume.

    Diameter 0.7


    Mixed 8-12, 9-15

    Or in single lengths

    Curl - D & CC

    Professional use.

    💗 Aluminium foil backing, easy to pick up, no

    residue left on the pallet

    💗 Higher quality boxes: anti-breakage

    💗 High-quality lash material, natural, soft

    💗 Stable curl, standard thickness, no-kink easy to use.

    100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Lashes

    - Latex-Free

    All our lashes are hand made from 100% Synthetic fibre.

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