XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03

XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 2
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 3
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 4
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 5
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 6
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 7
XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03 - 8

XXL Promade Trays | Double 12D 0.03

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Discover the ultimate in cost-effectiveness and convenience with our revolutionary PROMADE LASHES! Crafted with precision and care, these lashes are meticulously designed to enhance your lashing experience while preserving your valuable time and well-being.


  • Our lash books offer unparalleled value, providing approximately 5/6 full sets at an incredible £5/6 per set. Additionally, infill appointments are priced at just £3 each, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

Time-Saving Convenience:

  • Say goodbye to time-consuming preparation! Our XL tray ensures all lashes are meticulously organized and laid out, reclaiming precious time that could be spent lashing or relaxing. PROMADE fans are strategically arranged for quick and painless tweezing, enabling faster and more accurate application.

Quality and Performance:

  • Crafted from the highest quality PBT synthetic silk, our PROMADE LASHES boast a luxurious, fluffy, and featherlight texture with a semi-glossed matte black finish. Customers rave about their unique fusion of mink-like softness, lightweight feel, and synthetic lashes' curlability and density.


  • Handmade Volume Fans: Each tray features meticulously crafted volume fans for consistent quality and effortless application.
  • Quantity: Choose from boxes containing 500, 1000, or 1200 fans, ensuring an ample supply to meet your lashing needs.
  • L Curl: Our lashes feature captivating L curls, adding drama and allure to any look.
  • Diameters: Available in 5 D, 8 D, 10 D, and 12 D, catering to a variety of preferences.
  • Thickness: With a thickness of 0.03, our lashes offer a delicate yet impactful appearance.
  • Mix Lengths: Heat bonded at the bases, our lashes feature a tiny base for seamless integration and enhanced comfort.

Ethical and Vegan-Friendly:

  • Proudly vegan-friendly, latex-free, and cruelty-free, our PROMADE LASHES reflect our unwavering commitment to ethical standards and exceptional quality.

Indulge in the obsession with our lashes and elevate your lashing game today! Experience the perfect blend of affordability, convenience, and luxury with PROMADE LASHES.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Victoria harris
Love the fluffiness

Best pro mades I have used and I am always repurchasing as they bond well, are light and fluffy and my clients love their lash sets using these fans 🥰


Absolutely amazing


Absolutely amazing one of a kind lashes that can't be found elsewhere. The whole package was beautiful, thoughtful extras added. Really made me smile!Perfection!! Cutest packaging!


I ordered the L curls the customer service is absolutely amazing!!!


My favourite lash products!! All the lashes are a dream to work with and the promade fans have a super thin base like I've never seen before!! I love that Kelly offers products that are unique like the coloured promade fans, L or M curl promade fans and banana scented glues. All my clients love them too! So lightweight and comfortable.

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